The Isle of Man is a leading international centre for life insurance and wealth management. We are a politically and economically stable jurisdiction with a regulatory framework that puts customer protection first.

Our Island is home to world-leading brands, providing premium investment and wealth management services to global clients across a wide range of products. Our years of experience and extensive global knowledge mean we make it easy to do business here.


Latest News

Video Isle of Man Conduct of Business Code

With the Isle of Man Conduct of Business Code phase 2 coming on 1 July 2019, RL360 believes the code will lead to even better outcomes and more protection for...

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Lifetime gifting in a changing world

Brian Radbone, Head of Technical Services at Transact, reflects on potential changes to the current inheritance tax regime, trusts and how International Bonds, such as that provided by IntegraLife International...

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Video interview – Peter Kenny, chairperson, Manx Insurance Association

Peter Kenny, chairperson, Manx Insurance Association, talks about why now more than ever, the organisation is vital to the success of the Isle of Man’s life insurance and wealth management...

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Hear from our experts

Simon Pickering

Head of Insurance and Pensions,
Isle of Man Department for Enterprise

Karen Badgerow

Chief Executive,
Isle of Man Financial Services Authority

David Gregory

1291 Group

Simon Parfitt

Pyrmont Wealth Management


We have world-leading companies providing diverse solutions for global clients.

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Our mature regulatory system protects customers.

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We have heritage. We have stability. We have experience.

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